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Aerial Imagery Experts


Hello, If you're in need of capturing some aerial footage then you've come to the right place! We are Cambridgeshire based CAA Approved drone operators who can produce amazing quality aerial drone photography and 4K aerial filming covering the UK using the latest GPS enabled multi-rotor DJI UAV drones (quadcopters). Phillip has the latest CAA qualification A2 CofC (A2 Certificate of Competency) and as of mid 2023 gained his GVC qualification ( General Visual Line of Sight Certificate ) enabling us to expand your possibilities even further. We can help you produce cost-effective aerial cinematography and photography with shooting various angles and reveals, to exhibit your ideas to the finest.

With our film making and video editing skills we Are NOT just a drone company. Having worked with various brands we have honed our skills to create series of shots that will tell your story in a cinematic way. Drones with their professional camera gimbal systems give you a wealth of manoeuvres and movements that can be visually eye catching, producing smooth video footage that flows. Having invested heavily in various DJI drones we Currently own a Mavic air 2 and Mavic Mini 2 drone (a small drone that shoots 4K) because of their proven reliability, build quality, size and long flight times. You may have also noticed the trend for one take drone shots that explore a facility or location in a completely new dynamic way called FPV ( First Person View ) which we are looking to provide for our clientele with as well. We are constantly investing in the latest gear as this fast paced industry develops to bring you the most impactful images possible. 

When I am flying I have a live HD video feed from the drone to the ground, allowing us to view and change in real time camera angles and settings from the ground.

Drones are regularly used for a wide variety of photography and video services which can include:

  • Aerial videos for product launches, advertising, websites and promotion: Video content is a key component of any business digital marketing strategy. A short Dynamic video gives the viewer an understanding of your business and an awareness of your products and services whilst holding their attention.

  • Aerial drone photography for Estate Agents: We can produce property photography and videos from the air and the ground for residential estate agents. Aerial videos and photographs help capture the scale of the property and can be included with an interior video of the property, along with land, gardens and surrounding shots,

  • Commercial property aerial photography: As commercial agents if you are selling or leasing commercial property, there is now a cost effective way to produce stunning aerial photographs and videos of offices, retail parks, industrial units, factories, farms and land.

  • Events and sports aerial filming: Aerial photography and videography using a drone can now really show the sports, leisure, travel and tourism industries from an exciting and again an affordable angle, Check out an example of a mixture of our Aerial and ground based Videography in the APF Video!

  • Tourism, travel, hotel and golf course aerial photography and video: Aerial photography and videography can really lift a marketing campaign for any tourist or leisure actives which can also be included with my ground-based video or photography packages.

  • Indoor aerial Videography: Perfect for FPV drone video as it takes you through the building in a truly immersive way!


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