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Projects On My Professional Journey


A Swiss Watch brand that Partnered up with Bear Grylls to deliver a Survival based watch. We had the privelege of creating a 4 part lesson based tutorial, exploring the concept of the Rule of 3.
Here is a Short trailer of the shoot!


An opportunity to work with local business owner Tom East as he and the Team at Amor have built their Brand in the Cambridgeshire area. Having worked together to produce add campaigns for the Amor Gym to producing this advert for Amor Super camps. Tom and his team are keeping children of varied age groups educated and entertained during the school holidays.

Real Estate

This Real estate video has been made with the potential customer in mind. The video shows off the workmanship completed by Custom Lofts whilst matching firsthand Client experience.


Honda power UK wanted to showcase its latest UTV the Pioneer 520. The project included an interview and Photos with Trinity Tree Arbor care, a business setup recently by three brothers. The USP was to demonstrate the versatility of the Pioneer 520 in a working environment with limited access for large heavy vehicles. This video was created solely for the purpose of the Canopy climbing collective and not Honda power.


Have you ever been swinging between two giant redwood trees on a rope barely measuring more than 11 mm in diameter ? No neither have I , but between 2020 and the present day i've had the privilege of filming and photographing the journey of the canopy climbing collective whilst we've built our own brand within the Arboriculture industry. Continuing to Work with major brands within the industry has led to some great relationships and opportunities to highlight the need to protect our woodlands and forests.


An example of some of this years footage edited into a highlight reel


Having built relationships within the Uk Arbor-culture industry we had the pleasure of running our own competition at the 2022 APF show. We took the opportunity to work with the event organisers and produced this bespoke edit following the Canopy climbing collective over the 3 day event showcasing the Fantastic companies and organisation involved.

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